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Getting Started with Light-O-Rama

Maybe you've seen the videos on the Internet or on the local or national news. Perhaps you were driving home one day and saw one in person. Whatever the reason, you've now decided that you want to do your own Christmas, Halloween or other holiday display.

Congratulations. However, before you get started in this hobby (or business* ) I want to take a moment to let you know some of what you are getting into. There are some people who think that this hobby is as 'simple' as plugging everything in and turning it on. While one could argue this is true, the reality is many hours/days/weeks/months go into the planning, procurement, design, programming, installation and testing of a display that is synchronized to music.


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LOR 3.9.0 Released

Recently, Light-O-Rama released version 3.9.0 of the software. This version includes a bug fix for a memory leak, and the introduction of SuperSpeed (or as it is know known, 500K.) The 500K option is an increase in the network speed related to data transmission. One early report had up to 12 CCR's on a single network with 500K.

The big fix for the memory leak is also included in 3.9.0. However, if your license does not support 3.9.0, then please note that LOR has released the following versions: 3.5.2, 3.6.2, 3.7.2 and 3.8.2. Since the memory leak first occured in 3.5.0, LOR released these version so everyone would have the fix. It is important to note that you do not have to pay for this bug fix. If your license only covers 3.5.0, then you would be able to run 3.5.2.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


synchronized 570x1502

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